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We seek to disciple children and young people in the Christian faith, introduce the gospel to children, young people, and their families in our local community and encourage the development of intergenerational relationships in our churches and community.


During lockdown we have been meeting regularly with our children and young people on Zoom.

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Over the summer holidays, we look forward to meeting outdoors with our children and young
people to enjoy spending time together in the sunshine.

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As we emerge from lockdown, we look forward to building relationships with pupils and students
from our local communities.

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St Augustine’s school is now part of Westminster Primary school and we connect with them. We welcome Local schools to visit us. We look forward to the arrival of our newly appointed Children’s and Youth Worker to help develop our outreach.


St Clement’s welcomes local schools and community groups to visit the church and learn about our faith and history through a guided journey through its magnificent arts and crafts.