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Prayers for w/b 29th March

Give thanks with a grateful heart


For all the ways we have been able to stay connected, or deepen our connections during this time of lockdown


For the NHS, and all those front line responders in so many key areas, from retail to local and national government, churches, many voluntary agencies and volunteers


For time to reflect and to change our pace of life


For an opportunity to develop relationships across old boundaries

Passion Sunday Lent Communion Liturgy – St Augustine’s & St Clements 29th March 2020

For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel:

In returning and rest you shall be saved;

in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.  

  • Heart and Anchor/ Live event

Sunday Service 29 March 2020


Our global community, especially for the USA, Iran, Italy and Spain at the sharpest end of the coronavirus at the moment


For our country and county, for perseverance and discipline in maintaining distance, for peace on our streets and in our homes.


For those in our community with underlying conditions making them vulnerable to infection: Stuart Charnock, Pat Storr, Sylvia, June, Joan Baz, Sohail and many others.


For all those self isolating and suffering with the virus at the moment, especially the critically ill


Sohail, Kehinde and Ivo and others self isolating with symptoms


For all our elders staying at home, managing with food and other practicalities and staying connected


For all who have died and those they have left behind.


For rapid developments in antibody testing and developing vaccines


For the people of Africa, that they may continue to be shielded from the virus


For the people of Iran, and our Iranian brothers and sisters worrying about their families


For all those worried about work, business, having enough money


For help for all of us in finding creative ways to connect


For the grace to make prayer the centre of our response, rather than action or panic

We pray for:

A prayer from St Martin in the Fields

God of searching and knowing,
your people Israel faced famine and wilderness,
and your church has known persecution and hardship.
Be close to all your children in this time of bewilderment and fear.
Make this time of cessation and isolation
one in which your Spirit reveals new ways to be together,
fresh discoveries in worship, different gestures of care,
and innovative forms of compassion.
Encourage the vulnerable, comfort the impoverished,
inspire the anxious and give wisdom to those who govern.
Lift up our hearts that we may see
the abundance of what is still beautiful and true,
not be captivated by what is lost and absent,
and find new gifts in ourselves and one another.
In the power of the Spirit and in union with Christ,
who knew what it meant to be alone. Amen