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10,000 reasons

I went walkabout yesterday. I had to go to the pharmacy, and somehow it catalysed a plan to deliver some notes and knock on some doors. The people who answered the door were Ben and Kongosi Mussanzi, who after many years of trial, as with all Congolese people, have now had their daughter Sifa and her family come down with Covid19 and go through a very worrying period where it was very hard to get the right help, whilst Ben's younger brother Omvuzo is now on life support with kidney failure, and their son Rahema's city of Bunia in the Congo has had its bridges destroyed by rebels so they are struggling to get essential food supplies. Rahema has gone back to the Congo to lead the work of CRC (Congo Reconciliation Campaign) back over there.

In the midst of all this going on they still managed to sing a new song to the Lord. Please go our page All God's Children to hear their singing. Meanwhile, I'm posting the song they spoke of yesterday, Bless the Lord O my soul (10,000 reasons why we should keep on singing, whatever the circumstance. Look at their lovely faces. Listen to Matt Redman's words. Look at All God's Children. Post your own song. You have to find 10,001 reasons not to.


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