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It's been a long time. . .

Since my last blog. The pandemic was good for some people getting online. My energies went mostly into learning how to livestream and zoom. Now we are mostly back to face to face in what passes for the new normal. I'm afraid our website suffered badly after Sarah finished working with us, and at the moment I'm benefitting from some support from Hasan, who's a Graduate intern working with the Anchor Project. Hasan's degree is in IT and its great to have a young Muslim man working alongside Anchor and in partnership with us. Hasan's fasting during ramadan prompted me to experiment with a similar kind of fast - and even though it was just from breakfast till supper at 6.00pm not dusk I found it very challenging. We've had lots of arrivals and departures too. . . almost too numerous to mention but notably and most recently Paul Bartle, of the famous Bartles of Barkerend and St Clement's , leaving with Maxine for Roecliffe and an adventure into rural ministry, and Gabbi, our administrator for the last year, to the challenges of her psychology degree and beyond. Then there was the wonderful Tina Jones from St Augustine's - a fabulously positive lover of people, youth and the vulnerable - to the sunny climes of North Yorkshire. We hope to keep in good touch with all of them, and I hope to keep in better touch with you.

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