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A Lenty Lent and a Holier Holy Week

When we began Lent my chosen theme was Sustainability. I'd be glad to hear any comments from people who have been using the booklets each day as to what you've been discovering. For myself, this Lent has been showing us core questions in much bigger letters and greater relief than we could have possibly imagined. I have to confess that my Lenten discipline around sugar failed in the middle of nine days self isolation. I think I thought there was enough trial going on. We could all be feeling that in different ways. But now as we come to Holy Week we have a real question to face about who we believe gives us true sustainability and how. If we will walk with Jesus from his entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday through the days of Holy Week to the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday all the way through to Easter Sunday I believe we will find our current experience of lockdown transformed into a place of freedom. It can be a Holier Holy Week to follow our Lenty Lent.

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