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Finding our stride

I've been meaning to start a blog for such a long time. Just ask Sarah, whose energy and skill has finally got us this new website and rising to the challenge and opportunity of this terrible time of the coronavirus pandemic. I had the big C or a virus remarkably like it very early on - I came out of self isolation a week last Friday. Since then there has been, as for a lot of people, a lot of scrambling in the face of lots of things which need doing, and need doing differently. I suppose there have been a few main areas: i. Pastoral care of the most vulnerable and of those who don't do the internet, and liaising with church and community on that, ii. Getting an online presence and structure going so we can communicate as churches, iii. trying to discover some kind of new routine which will help me work healthily and in a balanced way. And then we're back to the usual things which need doing - worship preparation, planning meetings and courses, doing admin. I think for me the biggest challenge is trying to keep God right at the centre, keeping a discipline in prayer. Activism can be a form of anxiety as can procrastination! And these are still very early days for all these things. I wonder what the main areas of finding your stride are? Home schooling the children? Exercise routines? Working out how to respond to your work/non work situation? I'd love to hear about them if you're willing to share. Meanwhile here's a picture from on of my walks - Lister Park's botanical garden after I had to deliver something that way.

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