Getting your 5 a day

I've been counting my 5 a day for quite a while in terms of fruit and veg, but it's taken on a new meaning since the lockdown. I'm trying, and as with the other version sometimes failing and occasionally gloriously over reaching, to have five chats by phone a day with people from St Clement's & St Augustine's. Sometimes they call me, which is a big help. Of course there are other ways of connecting, distanced at the door (not today so much, its way too windy), Whatsapp, Flock, Zoom - watch the website for a virtual prayer meeting - and I'm looking forward to connecting with Janet's homegroup tomorrow evening, email, text, and of course simply holding them up to the presence of the love of God in prayer. I highly recommend it as a lockdown practice, both with those people who just come into your mind insistently as well as the ones you would normally give a call, have a chat with at church, as well as your wider circle. If you'd like some guidance, please contact Sandra Brian at St Clements or Janet Clayton at St Augustine's who will be happy to point you in the right direction. Its just as healthgiving as the other kind of 5 a day!

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